For over 25 years Marc J. Gold has been the trusted Attorney for Guardians. If you are looking to hire an Attorney

that is knowledgeable and experienced in Guardianship Law, than you can schedule a free consultation with Mr. Gold.

If you are involved in a Guardianship case that is experiencing problems, than Mr. Gold may be able to help you. He

has an excellent working relationship with the Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Judges, General Magistrates, Clerk of

Courts and their Support staff. It is time to hire a Florida Guardianship Attorney that will move your case along and

will keep you in compliance with court requirements. If a guardianship rule is violated, Mr. Gold may be able to help you.

Currently representing numerous clients with Guardianship problems including:

  • Show cause hearings
  • Auditing issues
  • Family disputes
  • Nursing home/assisted living placement
  • Medicaid issues and treatment concerns
  • Mental health
  • Emergency Guardianships

Mr. Gold is a very knowledgeable and experienced elder law and guardianship attorney in Florida and is well respected
throughout the State of Florida. He is well known in the Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Legal Community. He is regularly
appointed by Judge's to service as a guardian himself for Minors and Adults.

The Marc J. Gold Law office is well equipped to prepare annual plans and accountings. Minor Guardianships are unique

and require a different approach. He regularly files and closes out Minor Guardianships by distributing the funds.
Marc J. Gold is a recognized authority on Guardianship for Adults and Minors.  Guardianship is a necessary alternative

when your loved one is mentally or physically incapacitated.  Mr. Gold is sensitive to the issues affecting the elderly and

handicapped.  Mr. Gold is here to guide your family through the guardianship process quickly and efficiently. Mr. Gold

regularly received guardianship cases from other Attorneys who require assistance in complying with Guardianship procedures.

I can help you set up a Guardianship for loved ones including minors.  We are sensitive and knowledgeable to their unique
needs & issues....Marc J Gold



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